South Durham Young Conservatives come to the rescue

Local activists join forces to help local resident with gardening after a confidence set back.

A group of Conservative activists joined forces to help a local resident who was struggling to get in the garden.

On the last weekend of June a group of young activists met up in Binchester to help a local resident with his garden. The group of Young Conservatives wasted no time in forming a small group to help an elderly resident who was faced with an overgrown garden. 

When helping out at the community cut, Deputy Chairman of the South Durham Young Conservatives Declan Gilroy said:

“We came across the gentleman, who had been shielding for many weeks, and his garden was getting far too overgrown. He is a particularly ill gentleman and so he couldn’t sort it out himself, so we were more than happy to get out on a damp and cold afternoon and tidy it up for him.

“We split into two teams, one for the back garden one for the front, and cut the grass, removed the rubbish and did a general tidy. He was extremely grateful, and thankfully it now means he can spend time in his garden. Lockdown is very challenging to all of us, but I’m happy we were in a fortunate position to go and help him.”

The Young Conservatives are a local political group with members up to the age of 26.